Polar Bears & Walruses

Starting a couple of days ago a photo sharing system was implemented here on the ship so everyone who is willing to can upload their best pics and anyone who wants them can have them. This is especially nice for people like me who don’t have high quality cameral equipment and telephoto lenses. So, today I wanted to start sharing some of my favorite photos taken by my fellow adventurers.  To start with here are some polar bears and walruses that we’ve seen over the last 10 days or so. These images give a much better feel for the experience of seeing these incredible animals in their own habitats.  I am so glad these creatures share the planet with us. Credit for these images goes to Steve Kent.

Walrus (back scratch in water) 9589

Walrus (quinntet) 9299 Walrus (duo) 9277 Polar Bear (+ reflection ) 8719 Polar Bears (siblings) 7412 Polar Bear (water shake) 6863 Polar Bears (mother + cubs) 0360

5 thoughts on “Polar Bears & Walruses

  1. oH, the floating walrus is a hoot! Thanks for these photos! I realized I never replied to your idea of getting together after you get back. I agree! Please get in touch! Love and hugs, Jnanam

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