On My Way!

Tomorrow I leave for a 3 week adventure to the Amazon… I’ve been so busy getting ready to be away that until today I really haven’t been excited… but now it’s finally setting in… OMG!!  I’ll be traveling with my wonderful friend, Lois for whom this is the trip of a lifetime… it is certainly my honor to be accompanying her!

You can click on the map to the left to enlarge it and see the route we’ll be taking.

Our ship, the MV Explorer, is outfitted for education so our journey will include lectures and guided walks as well as lots of downtime and, hopefully blogging time so that I can keep you posted.

My wonderful friends, Anne and Bill Holland, lent me a “real” camera for my trip so, hopefully I will have lots of lovely images to share with you.  I am especially looking forward to seeing dolphins and monkeys… and lots of 4-leggeds, swimmers and creepy-crawlies (no shortage in that department, I’ve heard).

Thanks, everyone… Claire

9 thoughts on “On My Way!

  1. So excited for you, Priya! I just realized that Peter Kleeman, sweetheart of my friend and neighbor, Susan Patrick, is on the same trip as you with a fellow Morrisman! Happy Birthday!!! xo

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