Puerto Rico & St. Kitts

Happy Boxing Day and a belated Merry Christmas!

We sallied from San Juan yesterday afternoon and this morning arrived at Bassaterre, St. Kitts in the Caribbean.  It’s a small volcanic island… population about 15000.  There was a very raucous festival of some sort going on beginning very early this morning so when Lois and I tried to walk through the part of town near the pier we didn’t really get far as there were hundreds of people in the street and lots of crazy-loud music going on.  I’m not really sure what the significance of all that was but it was a little overwhelming and intimidating as there were lots of obviously intoxicated people roaming about.

But this afternoon we went on a little outing to see some of St. Kitts and I’ve included a few photos to show you just a little bit.  I have to admit the group excursions are not something I love but sometimes it’s a good way to see a few things easily with a guide who knows their way around!

So far we are healthy and extremely well fed.  Tonight we sail for Grenada.

I’ve discovered that the ship’s internet access restricts not only the time allotted (which is quite expensive) but also the MB of data transfer.  This makes blogging challenging.  Tonight I am at a little cafe right near where the ship is docked so that I can upload photos without using up my data limit on my ship account.  All this really means is I may not be posting as often as I would have otherwise and will be looking for internet cafes and wifi spots near the piers when I can.

I love all your comments… helps me feel a bit more connected.  I have to admit I have been struggling with some big home sickness the past few days.  I’m hoping it’ll get easier as time goes by.  Not that I’m not enjoying the experience but I am just a home body and being so far away with only limited contact is a big stretch for me.  I miss my husband and son and friends and cats!


entering the San Juan harbor

docked in San Juan

Old town San Juan

rainbow over the ocean

docked at St. Kitts

St. Kitts

One thought on “Puerto Rico & St. Kitts

  1. Thanks for the interesting posts. Isn’t homesickness grand? Makes me realize how much I love my comfortable life. Marla had Christmas day at her house. I food was great and we had a very nice time. However, you were missed. Enjoy your wonderful time on ship. I’m living vicariously through you.

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