More photos for you!

My friend and traveling partner, Lois, is a really good photographer and she certainly takes it a lot more seriously than I do. I’ve probably taken 250 pics so far and I think she is well over 800. Yesterday we downloaded her photos from the first half of our trip (pre-Amazon) onto my laptop and she chose a handful of her favorites for me to share here. I hope that you enjoy them!


a nearby ship

Puerto Rico:

St. Kitts:


2 thoughts on “More photos for you!

  1. Great photos!! I’m in California now. Enjoying the easy breezy weather and family. Bodhi loves it here. His favorite part of the trip was the subway in Dulles airport, of all things. Boys!! And Sophia brings so much joy to every room she enters. So nice to see my family enjoying her presence. Your trip looks like an amazing journey. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Happy new year, Priya Claire Goodwoman! Altho I had signed up to receive email posts, I never did, and today it finally dawned on me that I haven’t been hearing about your trip, so here I am on your gorgeous blog and reading every word. Super photos! And I love all the signs! Lots and lots of Love!

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