Bridgetown, Barbados

We arrived at Barbados early morning yesterday (1/8) and the first thing I noticed was that Barbados is a very flat island, unlike many of the others we’ve seen that are quite mountainous (formed by volcanoes). So, at first glance Barbados isn’t quite as pretty to look at.

I decided again to go out on my own rather than going on the planned excursion. Basically my thinking was that since I hadn’t yet actually spent time on a beach or gone swimming this would be my last chance. So, I took a taxi to Carlisle Beach which is just south (about 10 min.) of Bridgetown where the port is. Since it was Sunday most of the shops in town were closed so it was pretty quiet.

My beach experience was mixed… it was a beautiful white sand beach with turquoise blue water at the perfect temperature… what could be better? It was also basically a touristy beach with lots of reclining chairs and umbrellas for rent and folks selling stuff everywhere… including guys who walk up and down the beach selling jewelry. Nevertheless having a chance to swim in the Caribbean on January 9th was a wonderful experience

As you might imagine the sun in Barbados is super-strong and hot so 2 hours on the beach was plenty for me. After that I went back to the ship for lunch and then spent a couple of hours in the Port terminal (it’s gigantic)using their wifi to get a bunch of work done which was fantastic. After almost 3 weeks of the extremely slow and expensive satellite connection on the ship it was a treat

Certainly there’s lots more to see in Barbados but that was my 1-day experience. We set sail around 7 last night… on our way to Dominica (pronounced Dom-en-eek-ah)… our last port!

docked at the Barbados port

two other (bigger) ships in port with us

quiet streets on a Sunday

I love palm trees!

the Barbados port building

departing Barbados with a full moon!

2 thoughts on “Bridgetown, Barbados

  1. Glad you got to the beach. I love the photo leaving port under a full moon.

    I guess that’s a photo of you Claire. Nice to see you

  2. Lovely photo of you, Priya. From the title of your next post, Brown Boobies, I’d thought I’d be seeing naked natives!

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