Brown Boobies!

This morning I had the wonderful opportunity to stand on the ship’s deck and watch 4 Brown Boobies fly and dive and swoop and soar along with the ship. They flew along the starboard (right) side of the ship for a looooong time… maybe close to 2 hours. It seems that the ship stirs up these little flying fish that pop out of the water and skitter across the surface and the boobies dive after them… sometimes they literally dive-bomb straight down into the sea beak first… then they surface, float along for a few seconds and take off again… It’s really something to see.

Not being much of a photographer I’m super happy that I got a half dozen pictures that are pretty good… I wasn’t really able to capture the diving but you can use your imagination… enjoy!

3 thoughts on “Brown Boobies!

  1. Thanks for pointing out the birds at the back of the ship….it was so interesting to learn about your background and the knowledge shared from you about what your Mom had taught about birds…

    Jim Westmoreland, East Carolina University

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