First Close Encounter With an Iceberg

In the waters between the West coast of Greenland and Baffin Island (Canada) I’m discovering that the slow internet connection on our ship is going to make photo-heavy blogging very slow and cumbersome. Bummer.  Apparently the satellite that we’re connected to is somewhere near the equator and, given that we are heading north, our connection will likely get slower and less dependable as the days go by.  So, I will adjust and only post briefly with (hopefully) one or two images at a time.  Hope this works!
Tho’ we’ve been seeing icebergs in the distance since we left Sisimiut, Greenland yesterday evening… this afternoon at around 5 PM we got the word (over the ship-wide system) that a rather large iceberg would be coming up in about a mile… this was amazing to see… and, I’m told, only the first of many!

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